A page that is not gonna staying in my fb feeds.

[sdropcap]I[/sdropcap] feel sad for these people who have so much anger inside them that make them look at everything negatively. Someone online pointed out with humor the iPhone vs Samsung info but this blogger, first, interpreted it with such negativity then ignorantly thought the selfie was a commercial arrangement, too, and responded with such judgement and anger (to prove that he’s smart). Despite the selfie was a product placement, the pizza act was in fact one of usual Ellen’s surprise acts to make the day, or the life in many cases, of a random person (in this case the pizza guy). It was such a beautiful thing to start with. Energy is contagious and it affects mine just by seeing these posts in my fb feeds. So, this page’s are not gonna stay.

專欄部落 – 幾十億美金的笑話──三星電話廣告

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