Tom Hanks on The Graham Norton Show

Tom Hanks on The Graham Norton Show

Miss Joey 好鍾意睇英美 talk show
適逢 Toy Story 4 就嚟上畫
搵咗呢條舊舊地 Tom Hanks 上 The Graham Norton Show 超好笑嘅片畀大家睇

當中 Tom Hanks 主要係講
網上面有人話個 Woody 公仔把聲其實係佢哥哥
同埋講述番幫 Toy Story 配音時嘅趣事!

NORTON: You listen to this.

DOLL: Ha ha! Boy, am I glad to see you.

NORTON: Is that you?

HANKS: No, it’s my brother Jim.

NORTON: Is it really?

HANKS: Yeah.

NORTON: That’s so weird. On the Internet, somebody said that, and we thought it was a load of o’rubbish.(喺網上邊有人咁講我哋仲以為係一堆舊廢話。)

HANKS: No, it’s my brother. They have so many…

DOLL: There’s a snake in my boots.

HANKS: There’s a snake in my boots. There are so many computer games and video things, and Jim just works on those all year long. They said, “You don’t want to do this.” I said “Get my brother Jim.” So that’s my brother Jim.

NORTON: I genuinely thought that was an urban myth.(我真心以為係一個都市傳說)

HANKS: It’s true, absolutely(absolutely 解絕對)true.

NORTON: Animation films, I would think that sounds easy. But then I read that it’s really hard work. For you, anyway.

HANKS: It’s fun work, because the people are great, but it is very, very hard. Particularly Woody, because Woody is always yelling(特別係 Woody 因為佢成日喺度嗌). He’s always… He’s always doing that. The way it works, they start working on it, and it takes about four years for them to start animating it and get to the final product. So about every six months, you go into a recording studio and you face the booth(booth 此處解錄音室). The screen is behind you, cos it’s on the lots, and you face the booth. And in the booth are these heads that look like judges at the Olympics. They’re just… And it’s soundproof.(及佢係隔音嘅)You can’t hear them, but they can hear every word you say. So you’ve got a scene where you have to say something like… You’re standing and you have to do 18 variations(你係企喺度而你要做 18 個不同版本)of something like this, “Buzz, if we don’t get back there, I’m going to go absolutely berserk(berserk 此處解發癲)!”

That’s what you have to do, and you do it every kind of way you possibly can until your diaphragm is busted(你以所可能嘅任何一個方法去做直至到你嘅橫膈膜爆破), your throat is raw(喉嚨變沙), you’ve spit all over the copy(你喺文字上邊噴晒口水)and it’s your fourth hour of doing this. You go, “I’m going to go berserk!”

You look at the people in the booth, and they’re all going…


And they almost press the talkback, and they go…


“Hey, Tom, that was great.”

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