About Miss Joey’s Secret House

The virtual Miss Joey’s Secret House
is where Miss Joey shares her thoughts and inspirations
of the various aspects of her ADHD life.

The actual Miss Joey’s Secret House
is a private classroom where Miss Joey and her students
laugh, love and learn.

喺外國,secret house 係指一個人喺屋企附近嘅叢林裡面,

網上嘅 Miss Joey’s Secret House
係一個 Miss Joey 記錄佢過度活躍症人生嘅感受同知識嘅共享天地。

現實生活裏面嘅 Miss Joey’s Secret House
係 Miss Joey 建立俾佢嘅學生邊玩、邊學英語、邊感受藝術嘅小天地。

English, Art and Music classes are available for kids and teenagers.
English, Art and Parenting Workshops are available for adults.
Check out our Facebook page for the latest information and pictures.

Miss Joey’s Secret House:
請瀏覽 Miss Joey’s Secret House Facebook 專頁 有關最新課程。

Address: 7/F Scribe Corner, 4 Shell Street, Fortress Hill, Hong Kong (Click for map)
Phone: +85228700666

地址:炮台山蜆殼街 4 號思惟坊 7 樓(可點擊以查看地圖位置)

For general enquiries or if you would like to invite Miss Joey for interviews, classes or talks, please feel free to contact us by Facebook, email or by leaving your comments below which will be invisible to public.

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